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In this endless side-scroller/beat-em-up, the Angel of Mercy must use her axe to kill all the mutants populating Earth to free their souls. The game ends when you loose all your points.

Playable with a Xbox 360 compatible controller.

Made with Unity 5. The source code is included in a separate file.

This is a student project. I've done all the coding in C#, but the gaphics were taken from many sources and altered to fit the game with Adobe Photoshop and paint.net. They are copyrighted by their repective owners.

The various sound effects were taken from soundbible.com and freesound.org and some reworked using Audacity. The music loop used in the game is 2 Spokey 4 Me (RoXas) by RandomDanceOfHappy.

(46 hours of work.)

Install instructions

Extract the content of the AxeOfSorrowGame.zip archive into an empty folder and launch the TP3.exe executable.


AxeOfSorrowGame.zip 13 MB
AxeOfSorrowSourceCode.zip 13 MB

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