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In this adaptation of the classic board game, you must place your ships and then guess the positions of the enemy ships in order to sink them. The first to destroy all the ship of the opponent is the winner.

This is a student project. I've done all the coding in C++ and it's the last console game I have programmed. Player #1 controls the ships and croshair using the arrows, space and return keys. Player #2 is the AI opponent controlled by the computer.

For a better experience, set the DOS window at least 110 columns wide and 45 rows high, using a Raster font of 12 x 16.

The source code is available for download in a separate file.

(21 hours of work.)

Install instructions

Extract the content of the Battleship.zip archive into an empty folder and launch the battleship.exe executable.

Note: If the game doesn't want to work, the installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x64) may solve the problem.


Battleship.zip 810 kB
BattleshipSourceCode.zip 7 MB

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