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Navigate the whole path of an ancient temple to free your tribesmen from the people of the evil Snake Cult. Use three kinds of arrows to eliminate them and the snakepits from wich they emerge. Collect more arrows, meat and treasures. Find the exit to win the game.

Use keys "1-2-3" or mouse wheel to swicth between arrow types and "P" for pause menu.

This projet, inspired by classic games like "Gauntlet" and "Turok", and also by the pulp stories of H. P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard, is made with Unreal Engine 4.

This is a student project. I've done all the coding with blueprints and two screenshots from some of the functions I have programmed are available for download. All of the game and level design were done by myself too.

I have created the meshes and props with Autodesk 3ds Max 2016. I have also designed the reptilian character using Adobe Fuse and the captive tribesman character with Autodesk Character Generator, and they are animated with the help of Adobe Mixamo.

The images and textures were taken from many sources and some altered to fit in the game with Adobe Photoshop and paint.net, including the free GameTextures Material Pack from GameTextures.com. The textures for the most complex props were applied with Substance Painter. The fonts were taken from www.fontpalace.com.

The various sound effects were taken from soundbible.com and freesound.org, and some were altered with Audacity. The music tracks used in the menu and in the game are, respectively, Fortis En Numerus by SmokeAvery and Astray in a Primitive Time by CustomVideoGameMusic.

(Over 200 hours of work.)

Install instructions

Extract full archive content into an emply folder and launch the ue4_cult_001.exe executable.


ue4_cult_001_rc3.7z 633 MB
DropLoot.png 388 kB
UpdateArrowStatus.png 445 kB


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Short video that shows the work in progress for my Release Candidate version 3.

I have just uploaded the most recent version of my game. All the features are there, except for the player character with animations and a bow, but that will come later.

A new version version of the game has been uploaded yesterday.

This is actually pretty solid!

Thanks for your comment and for posting a gameplay video. The game is going to get better in the next few weeks and i'll upload a newer version when ready.