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In this third-person shooter, you play as a necromancer who must close interdimensional openings by capturing entities originating from them, wich take possession of living creatures to turn them into blood-thirsty monsters.

This was the prototype for my original student project, but it was abandonned, and my whole session, after an accident. It was based on my own concept, a medieval-fantasy themed game with a Ghostbusters vibe.

This prototype was built with Unreal Engin 4. The dungeon level and the temporary models for the creatures and props where created with Autodesk 3ds Max. I also used it to practice sound and music integration for my participation to the 2015 Pixel Challenge game jam.

(60 hours of work.)

Install instructions

Extract full archive content into an emply folder and launch the MD001_Evil.exe executable.


EvilDimensionPrototype.zip 123 MB

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